A Healthier Alternative to Flour

Stony Croft Farms produces a healthy alternative to flour products that are produced by large processors who don’t live in our community and support our local food producers. At Stony Croft Farms we grind locally grown grain to produce whole grain flours made from wheat, spelt, buckwheat, corn and other grains.

Our History

After growing up on a dairy farm in the Thumb of Michigan and beginning our life together as dairy farmers, in 1981 our lives took a different turn and we left our farm life for a career in town. However in 2015 we decided to return to our farming roots and purchased land to begin farming again. Along with growing non-GMO grain we have also started milling stone ground flour from the grain we raise or purchase from local organic growers. We offer naturally grown buckwheat, red wheat, white wheat, all purpose and spelt flour as well as corn meal products. We are looking to increase our products to include other wheat flours, barley flour, rye, einkorn and oat flour in the future.

Locally Grown

We grow our own grain or source our grain from other local, organic producers to ensure that the quality of our grain is maintained.

Locally Ground

We purchased our hand crafted Osttiroler stone mill from the factory in Austria. Why stone ground you ask?? By milling with stone the grain stays cool and the entire grain is ground, retaining all of the nutrients and fiber. Our mill allows us to also produce sifted flour depending on our customers desires.

Stony Croft Recipes

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