The Stony Croft Way

Our Farm

Stony Croft Farms is located in Mayfield Township in Lapeer County, Michigan.  Presently we own 110 acres and rent some additonal land.  At Stony Croft we plant all organic seed which is Non GMO and utlize natural forms of fertilizer to enhance our soils and grains grown.  We do not use any glyphosate sprays and are progressing towards organic certification.

Our Mill

Our mill was purchased from Ossitroler Getreidemuhlen from East Tyrolea in Austria and is hand made of Austrian White Pine and utiizes a millstone from Naxos Island in Greece.  The “combi-mill” has the capability to mill grain and sift flour into fine flour, fine and coarse semolina and bran in one operation.  Using multiple screens we can produce a nearly unlimited choice of fineness of the finished flour.

Our Products

All of our flour products are produced on our Ossitroler mill and range from sifted flour to whole grain flours made from red wheat, white wheat, spelt, buckwheat and corn.  Due to the fact that our flours contain the germ, bran and endosperm of the grain we recommend that you keep the flour refrigerated to extend it’s shelf life.  We take pride in providing you with fresh, nutritous flours and meals.

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